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Virtual Table Tennis HD
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Virtual Table Tennis™ is the only one based on 3D PHYSICS and supported ONLINE MULTIPLAYER Table Tennis game series in the App Store.

Main Features

• Multiplayer via Internet or Bluetooth! 

• Based on the independent 3D physics system, motion of Ping-Pong can be brought to life perfectly. 

• As the design of AI system based on the human behaviors, it possesses various behaviors such as reaction, speed, strength, endurance, defense, etc. 

• Accurate and visual control mode can truly simulate various way of strike and smash in the match. Besides, players can make adjustments in “Options” according to their own preferences. 

• Players are confronted with AI opponents with various styles and capabilities in the game. 

• Various game modes such as Animation tutorials, free practices, Arcade Mode, Tournament Modes, and Multiplayer Mode! 

• You want to play your own music? No problem! If the game detects that the iTunes is playing music, the game music will close itself automatically. 

• Game Center, Twitter and Facebook integrated!

• 3D sound system (earphone available) 

More brilliant details can’t be perceived until you pick up, we can ensure that!


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